Monday, 12 December 2011


I first started blogging using the nom-de-blog East Anglian Tory as my initial interests were reading and commenting on other political blogs. But then I widened my interest into reading the many other fascinating blogs out there on the world wide web. In comments people called me EAT which didn't have a great ring to it. Then someone called me East Anglian Troy.

I liked that name.

Meanwhile as I had started blogging on a variety of issues and as well as commenting on many other people's day-to-day life blogs, it seemed more appropriate to call myself first, East Anglian Troy, then later for more ease, just simply Troy. That also enabled the introduction of Mrs Troy and Troy Junior into the blog.

Many of the blogs I read in the early days have ceased although a few notable exceptions have kept going. As my retired life became ever busier though I found less time to write my own blog postings. My readership fell off until now I only have a small handful of (but much treasured) readers. Blogs are either on the up, or failing that, are on a downward spiral. This blog now falls firmly into the latter catagory. Accordingly I've decided to stop posting on this blog.

My other blog, written in my real personal name, which I started when I stood for election in the 2011 local district council elections has now been revamped with a view to blogging on items of "local, national and international interest". It will be primarily focused on political issues with an unashamedly right-of-centre outlook. I hope some of my readers from here will find it of interest. The posting I made there yesterday for example, comments on David Cameron's use of the veto at the EU summit and is written as an antidote to the hysterical negativeness of the BBC on that matter - although I suspect it will reach a much smaller audience!

The link is [SINCE DELETED]

I hope to see some of you over there going forward.

To those that don't follow me there - its been great knowing you and I'll do my best to still get round to your many interesting blogs. I'll most likely comment using my real name which will link to my ongoing blog.

So as this final posting - number 101 - comes to close, I'll sign off.

Sincerely yours, "Troy"


Joe Stein said...

But can you say on the other blog, the things you said on this one?
I'll be taking a look over there.

Troy said...

Hi Joe - there's no doubt it will be different but then it is set up to be different. And I will need to watch out that I don't leave myself a hostage to being misquoted, or quoted out of context. I'd rather be honest in my convictions than a bland vote winner. (The perfect world - honest in convictions AND a vote winner - but perhaps that is too naive?).

Joe Stein said...

I have to say, I don’t think of you as na├»ve, Troy, so I’m sure you’ll avoid most pitfalls.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Devastated, Troy! Love seeing when you have a post... but I know what you mean, the old familiar blogs are largely gone now. Will go on your new site... lots of love to Mrs Troy, Troy Junior, and to you, of course.
Happy Christmas... xxxxx

D.J. Kirkby said...

But I can't go on your other blog and take the piss out of you! It wouldn't be right... *sulk*

Grumpy Old Ken said...

What a shame. Politics, waste of thoughts and that includes them all. But will keep an eye on you! Politicians, bit like referees, flawed. Goal on Saturday? You must be joking. Home town idiotic linesman methinks!Strangely enough, my post Saturday includes kind thoughts re 2 of government. (not)

Troy said...

LWM - nostalgia ain't what it used to be is it? A Merry Christmas to you and yours.

DJ - well I suppose you could (but I'd rather you didn't!).

Ken - I was away on holiday and missed the match. I've just got back and will have to watch the controversial goal on the internet.

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