Friday, 13 June 2008


If I was looking for inspiration well this has certainly been an eventful news week. So where to begin? I think the best news has to be the Irish No vote. Only 0.6% of the entire electorate of the European Evil Empire has been given the opportunity to vote on the Lisbon Treaty. But didn't they do well! And that No vote was achieved with all the main Irish political establishment going for a Yes vote. I could never have imagined twenty years ago that I'd be on the same side as Sinn Fein!
I'm proud to say that I was one of the several thousand people who protested outside the House of Parliament on 27th February with a "Where's Our Referendum" placard. It was the first time I've protested outside Parliament although I had previously taken part in the march through Central London against the Hunting Ban. The interesting thing in both those protests were what thoroughly decent people were there. Having seen the normal rag-bag collection that usually grace political protests (remember for example the Poll Tax riots) it was nice instead to see the "silent" majority making a protest. In both cases I wanted to have a souvenir of the day - for the Hunting Ban protest I got a discreet lapel badge but with the Referendum protest the small sticky badges they handed out almost immediately came unstuck. So instead I decide to take home the placard I'd been given. That involved carrying a two foot red placard on a six foot long wooden stick on first the District Line tube and then on the overground railway back to Suffolk. I tried, and I think succeeded, in looking quite nonchalant whilst carrying a bright red "Where's Our Referndum" placard all the way home. No one commented, which in some ways was a shame but in most ways was a great relief!
So what next for the Lisbon Treaty? It ssems that the unelected elite that run the EUSSR are already moving on with their implimentation with complete disregard for the Irish plebiscite. But then that is how they regard the electorate - as plebs. Creating their European Evil Empire is far too complicated a project to let the common people get involved.
Lots of other interesting things happened this week. I should have started this blogging business earlier - soon I could be detained for 42 days without trial for making adverse comments about Gordon and ZaNu Labour. But I'll leave further comments for later posts.