Saturday, 30 April 2011


A very amusing ditty appearing on Youtube, explaining the AV system and how it gives second votes to the extreme parties, has made me chuckle. I thought I'd share it with you. Worth a few minutes of your time before going out to vote on Thursday.

Brilliant eh?

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Oh dear! Blogging mojo seems to have vanished this year. I'm not the only one as several people I follow seem to be suffering in a similar way - not sure why. Over the last few weeks I've been tagged twice which should provide blogging impetus - so watch this space and I will get round to it.

I was out in the garden earlier this morning and took this photo of our tulips

The daffodils seemed to come then go very quickly this year but I prefer the multi-coloured aspect of the tulips - they make a beautiful display with the sun shining through them.

I'm running in our local District Council elections in May. Readers who have been with this blog for a couple of years may remember my rookie campaign in the 2009 County Council elections. I finished a credible second then and hope to go one better this time. Actually finishing second this time would be okay as there are two seats in our election ward. There are eight (8!!!) candidates standing so there is plenty of opposition. Rather belatedly we found a second candidate to stand for the same party as me. That's useful because with each voter having two votes I was concerned that even my supporters could be helping the opposition with their second vote. Of course it is quite possible that this second candidate who is younger, female and more photogenic than Troy, may beat me!

If you'd like to follow my campaign I'm doing a separate blog about it. I'm putting in a link here [link since deleted] but will delete it after a few days. So do save it if you want to follow the progress of my campaign. If you comment there do remember to use my real name there rather than my nom de blog Troy.