Monday, 17 November 2008


I’ve been tagged by rob clack to do the “7 things” thingy. It appears that there are seven different categories altogether as follows:-

7 things I plan to do before I die
7 things I do now
7 things I can’t do
7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
7 things I say most often
7 celebrities I admire
7 favourite foods

Which means that I have to come with 49 items in total to interest you. That’s a big ask – so instead I’ll do one category now and do the other six categories in the weeks to come which should take us to the end of December (so stick with me folks!).

Let’s start with 7 THINGS I PLAN TO DO BEFORE I DIE ----

Go on a world cruise – this will have to wait until Troy Junior goes to University; pencilled in for October 2019. A long time to wait but also a long time to save up for it. If Mrs Troy is good, I’ll take her with me.
Tour New Zealand – having seen it in a number of films, like Lord of The Rings, I’d like to experience it for real. Also I’ve recently been given this strange ring to dispose of carefully.
See the Great Barrier Reef – why are these places all on the far side of the world? Perhaps in years to come the much heralded sub-space flights taking a couple of hours to get there will really come to fruition. And hopefully I’ll still have some Virgin air-miles to use up.
Buy a place abroad overlooking the sea – we had a weekend holiday home, we called the Beach House, overlooking the sea at Clacton but I sold it when I retired. You may think that was a strange thing to do on I retiring, or, you may be impressed that I sold it at the top of the market in August 2007. Clacton is convenient but it sure as hell ain’t exotic.
See England win the football World Cup – I’m hoping that England get to stage the World Cup in 2018 and that my Dad, Troy Junior and I can go and see England play in it at Wembley. In 2018, my Dad will be 88, I’ll be 63 (!) and Troy Junior will be 17. It will be great if the three generations of the family can enjoy this experience together. [Late addition : if our England "Reserve" team can beat Germany 1-2 in Berlin then anything is possible!]
Complete the Book Project (see earlier posting) – this should take 20 years to complete. If it proves to be a best seller it may fund some of the other items above.
See Troy Junior grow up to be a fine, confident and independent man - with only the one heir, I've got all my eggs in one basket. I hope he’ll be happy in love, happy in his chosen career and happy with his inheritance (that’s good genes; did you think I meant money!?!).

I hope you’ll return next week for my next instalment.


Unknown said...

Oh I like this meme and very sensible to split it up, I think I'll do it too actually :-)

Now for your answers, I would also love a beach house and having been to Clacton I totally understand!

The World Cruise is a no go for me, I get too seasick sadly. But here's hoping Mrs Troy stays in line long enough to join you!

Football World Cup - sadly I think this maybe an ambition you never see come to fruitition based on recent years!

Btw - were you 20,000 and yes I did read your being locked out post LOL

Kitty said...

I did my version of this all in one go. Obviously the exhaustion following it was extreme. Nice answers, I hope you manage to fulfil your 7 wishes. x

Ladybird World Mother said...

Clacton!! Did some bingo there once and then got in a helicopter. random, eh!! Great things to do... especially the 6th one!
Thanks for your comment. Fake it!? Doris would never have done such a thing.

Trixie said...

Ahh... well I've done two on your list...New Zealand and Great Barrier reef (after learning to dive there, you can understand why I'm not interested in diving in the UK!).

Never OWNED a house by the sea, but used to actually lived in a mansion as a kid with the beach as the back garden (with the reef not far).

I haven't been on a world cruise, but I've been on a P&O cruise to Papua New Guinea...does that count?

Can I rub it in anymore? ;p

Troy said...

Sarah - will keep an eye open for your meme. Mrs T. has an extra incentive now she knows about the cruise. The football - we live in hope don't we? I missed out being your 20,000th visitor.

Kitty - I appreciate your thoughts

LWM - that was some bingo prize then (or perhaps you always commute by helicopter?). Re Doris (RIP), it was the fact that she didn't fake it that was point. Fake it as in the sense - "ooh, cluck, ooh, cluck, ooh, ooooh, cluckkkkk!", rather than fake the injuries (note to others, visit LWM's blog to understand this weird exchange).

Trixie - well as you've swapped NZ, Gt.B.Reef, the beach mansion and Papua New Guinea for life in "Blah" - it sounds like my 8th wish ought to be "see blah and die happy".

DJ Kirkby said...

I've been tagged too but unlike you I will bung all my answers into one post (and bore my readers to death probably). I want to go on a cruise too, our friends just came back from a month long one (for their 25th anniversary) and they enjoyed every minute of it. Mind you bu the time we save up for it, I exspect we will be too old to indulge in the constant feeding properly, yes I am only going for the food!

Carol said...

Another great post...I especially like your number seven!!

C x

Anonymous said...

Yowsers, that is a whopper of a tag! Only 42 answers to go. You can do it. Nice picture of Warwick. Took me back a bit - I used to sell ice creams there when I was a student.

Troy said...

DJ - the great thing about the internet is that one can actually bore someone to death and not feel guilty about it.
A RTW cruise of 100+ days would be a significant eating experience. They have about 6 meals a day on these cruises, including midnight snacks! See you tomorrow for WW.

Carol - thanks! Good to see you back here.

TT - I've been to Warwick Castle a few times. Its a small world - I wonder if I ever bought an ice-cream off you? The food and drinks are very pricey - we took a picnic this time (yes, in November!).

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Oh Troy! I was going to tag you with this and someone has beaten me to it! I should get a move on...but yes, very sensible to split it up...I've been to Wembley for a FA Cup Final. (Amazing considering I am not a footie fan.) The crush in the old Tube station afterwards was horrendous but I'm sure your experiences (with the new stadium) will be better :)

Dave said...

I work out from the world cup thing that we are of a similar age. I too have retired to East Angular (albeit the Norfolk half thereof). I suspect we have nothing else in common, but thought I ought to introduce myself.

Tim Atkinson said...

Well, there's nothing like being optimistic, eh? (The word's 'England' 'World Cup' and 'winning' so seldom feature in the same sentence. Well done! And thanks for giving us a laugh!)

Troy said...

Hadriana - were you one of the hospitality crowd that stops genuine fans getting a ticket? (It's okay I forgive you 'cos I like your blog).

Dave - a warm hello. I've just visited your blog and did a double (or treble) take bacause I had a colleague who looked like you (especially in that photo in front of your greenhouse). He was called Dave, based in Yorkshire and in IT. I looked at your profile and yes, we have little in common, but I hope you'll still call by my blog in future. I need more men readers - I think my wife is confusing my blogging with internet flirting (as if!).

Dotterill - we have some world-class players, it's just finding the manager that can get them to gel as a team.

Unknown said...

My first go at this will be published Saturday with linkage to your fine self

Troy said...

Sarah - I look forward to reading it and appreciate the link.

Rob Clack said...

Good idea, splitting it up. Wish I'd thought of that. I can thoroughly recommend the Great Barrier Reef.

Anonymous said...

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