Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Tomorrow - Wednesday 27th May 2009 - marks the first anniversary of my blog. One year and 57 posts after my first tentative posting. It does feel to be more than a year ago that I first set up this blog and said "Hello" to the world.

I've just spent a few minutes looking back over the postings made in these last twelve months. It was a quite nostalgic and enjoyable experience. I've resolved that I must print out all my postings and keep them as a family record. This last year was supposed to be one of quiet retirement - stress free relaxation. I think on the whole I've achieved that whilst at the same time having some varied and interesting experiences.

I changed my name. I first registered on Google as "East Anglian Tory" to enable me to comment on my friend's blog about his own attempts to become a Conservative Councillor in Northumberland. (My friend stopped blogging there after the election but still blogs here). I then set about exploring the blogsphere leaving comments as I went and then someone incorrectly referred to me as "East Anglian Troy". I actually liked that name so when I started blogging on my own account I became East Anglian Troy with Mrs Troy and Troy Junior making up the remainder of the family. However several people then started calling me "EAT" which I felt just wasn't me, so I decided, like Madonna and Cher, to be simplify matters and became just "Troy".

I've really enjoyed blogging although recently I have lost momentum (and I some readers) due to the time committment needed to run my own County Council election campaign. However a number of blog friends have stuck by me through thick and thin. At the end of 2008 I announced my first listing of eight "Troy's Stalwarts" and now its time to update it. Three of those Stalwarts have dropped away - Trixie, who sadly has left the world of blogging; Hadriana, due to other time committments (although she and Trixie will remain "Honourary Stalwarts"); and Carol, who stopped following this blog after I met her at DJ's book launch. I like to think it was some perceived anti-Scottish sentiment I expressed here rather than her meeting me that turned her away!

Anyway, without more ado - the first birthday Stalwart listing....(cue drum roll)...

From the initial roll call of Stalwarts we still have:-
Debs, Crystal Jigsaw, DJ Kirkby, Ladybird World Mum and Brit Gal Sarah.

and introducing four new Stalwarts:-
Kitty, Lane, Helen M Hunt, and The Dotterel.

So now we have a total of nine "Troy First Anniversary Stalwarts" as well as the two Honourary Stalwarts mentioned above. A great big THANK YOU to you all for your support and encouragement.

You may be wondering how I determine Stalwart status? Well all these Stalwarts have on a regular basis left comments on my blog and, after all, that is the only record I can have of your visits. There are three others who have left several comments - Catharine, Cheshire Wife and Granny. I hope you'll continue to converse with me over the remainder of 2009 - it would be nice to end 2009 with a dozen Stalwarts.

So one year and counting. A year of garden makeovers, several memes to help you get to know me better, some rants and ravings about Government incompetence and borrowings, Hong Kong and other trips, book and entertainment reviews plus day-to-day observations and musings. It was great meeting several of you in person during the year and I'm look forward to meeting at least one more stalwart very soon.

Once this election is out of the way after June 4th I hope to get back to blogging on an at least weekly basis, hopefully even more regularly. In the meantime, here's a new badge for my first anniversary stalwarts.

Finally I'd like to also express my appreciation to my 20 Followers - I know some of you are reticient when it comes to commenting but its nice to know you are there in the background. The more the merrier!


Lane Mathias said...

Happy Birthday Troy's blog!

Here's to another year of 'Troy'.

All the best in the election. You must be incredibly busy!

Lane Mathias said...

And of course I meant to say - thank you!!:-)

Unknown said...

Awww many happy returns on reaching your 1st, I have very much enjoyed your blog this past year and hope to for many to come. And thanks for keeping me as a stalwart too.

Kitty said...

Reinventing yourself eh, Mr T? If it works for Madonna, I don't see why it shouldn't work for you.

I don't think I have ever been referred to as a 'stalwart' before. Should I get some cream from the chemists for that?

Thank you though - it's always a pleasure to read your nonsense ... erm, I mean posts.

Here's to your first year, and may you have many more.


Troy said...

Lane - it's great to welcome you as a new Stalwart.

Sarah - thanks for sticking with me. I don't know how you manage to blog as frequently as you do. You must have 30 hour days out in Oklahoma!

Kitty - I'm glad you enjoy my nonsense. Not a sock monkey in sight and no need for medicinal treatment.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Happy anniversary to you, and all the very best for your forthcoming election.

Thanks so much for the badge, I shall post it on my blog with pride in the next day or so.

HelenMWalters said...

I've always wanted to be a stalwart - and now I am! Bless you Troy - and Happy Birthday blog!

DJ Kirkby said...

Happy birthday Sir Blog! Thank you for the lovely award. Looking forward to meeting up with Chez Troy in person again sometime after the electction. xo

Troy said...

Debs - I think you are my only 100% commenter in 2009 so I especially thank you for that! You can be the pilot in the front aircraft on the badge.

Helen - its an honour that even Jim couldn't fix. A unique Troy honour and may I say, well earned!

DJ - my Wednesdays have never been the same since I discovered your WW caption competitions. And I've got such a good memory that I can even remember the last time I won!
We look forward to meeting you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your blog birthday but hope it was enjoyable. And thanks for the stalwart. It's always been a pleasure to read your blog and will continue to be so I am sure.

See you soon....
CJ xx

Troy said...

CJ - I know you've been away enjoying Scotland but pleased to hear you are now safely back home. Also I'm pleased to hear it is sunny in Northumberland and hope it lasts until after our visit mid June.

cheshire wife said...

Belated Happy Blog Birthday! I am sorry that I missed it. I have reluctantly had to be absent from blogland recently. Now I am trying to catch up with it all.

Troy said...

Hi Cheshire Wife - thanks for dropping by. It seems a number of people (mentioning no names but LWM will know who I mean) have been absent from blogland recently.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Thought of you yesterday with the elections and am looking forward to hearing all about it.
Ok, ok, I know that I have been horribly remiss recently but life has been Busy. But am never too busy for your blog... and am so pleased with the stalwart badge!!
On a serious note, Troy, your blog and just a few others, has made blogging worthwhile for me... that and your wonderful, dry, so so funny comments on mine and other blogs too... you make blog world bloody good fun, with a nice touch of reality.
Right, gush over. Must collect my badge now. XXX

Troy said...

LWM - am deeply touched by your kind comments.

flyfishsantafe said...

Happy Birthday to Troy's blog from your fan in New Mexico (that's one of the 50 states, not where the swine flu started). Sorry I've not posted here before as I only just figured out how to do it.

I have enjoyed reading about your campaign for election and, given this was your first run, 2nd place was a good showing...not to mention placing ahead of the Viscount!

Catharine Withenay said...

Thanks, Troy, for the mention! Sorry I've been away for a while all-consumed by the responsibilities of moving house. Back now, almost fully functional. (Well, as functional as I ever can be!)

[word verification: stroy - have you some sort of link to the random word generator?]

Tim Atkinson said...

I haven't got the same excuse as Catharine, but... better late than never, eh? What can I say? Thank you, obviously; and, what an honour; oh, and I couldn't have done it without the help of the following... (*deep breath*).
Seriously, here's to your second anniversary, Troy. And how did the election go?

Troy said...

John - its great to see you commenting here. Yes, I was quietly pleased to beat the Viscount.

Catherine - I can see from your blog that you've had a busy time. I'm pleased to see you here.
The time to worry is when the word verification is "destroy".

Dotterel - bringing up a one year old is no excuse! Well, okay, it is (rather you than me!). Thanks for your support here over the year.
I came second in the election behind the incumbent LibDem. It was always a big ask to beat him.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hey...you keep writing me off! Watch it! I know I have been very flaky of late but this is due to many things...which I will not go into here.

Yes...I still cannot make my mind up about blogging. I love it and hate it (dare I say that?) I should write a post about it!

Thank you for letting me be an honorary member and Happy First Birthday! Hx

Anonymous said...