Friday, 18 December 2009


The snowflakes were falling gently as we went to bed last night (which was good as I hate noisy snowflakes) and the forecast was for anything up to eight inches overnight (which for some reason put a gleam in Mrs Troy's eyes). However on waking this morning we had hardly had a blizzard overnight. Just a modest covering of snow; a couple of inches, at best (or worse). Mrs Troy set off to work in her trusty 4x4 and then I walked Troy Junior down to school. It was very quiet everywhere with few people about. There was not the usual throng of people by the school gate - were we late?

No, the school was closed! A couple of inches of snow and the public sector grinds to an abrupt halt. So yesterday, by default, was the last day of the school term and Troy Junior would today have a day of leisure to enjoy the modest snow fall. But first we walked into the village to get my newspaper.

No newspapers! (So not just the public sector!).

I got out my camera to record the scene as snow is such a rarity in East Anglia. This photo is taken close to where I live although it doesn't actually feature our house. All these houses are less than five years old but have been built to resemble older looking houses. I refer to it as "very late Georgian". I personally like that concept as you combine modern build quality with a splash of character.

Here are some other pictures taken within a stone's throw of our home featuring the local village recreation ground and the fields beyond.


Lane Mathias said...

It looks lovely.

I think pretty much all the schools are closed today which is quite a shame on their last day.
Still,let's enjoy it before it turns to mush.

Elaine Denning said...

We ae such lightweights over here.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

Troy said...

Lane - it may look lovely but I hate to drive in it. Doing a 540 degree spin once on the M62 between lorries put me off for life.

Elaine - thanks for your Christmas greetings. May I wish you and yours a better Christmas than the one on your blog (!) and a prosperous 2010.
Will we all be such lightweights after Christmas?

Catharine Withenay said...

Snow remains gorgeous ... to look at.

Why does our country (and by that I mean England: Scotland can cope admirably with it) just fall apart as soon as there is a snowstorm? We have them every year - surely someone has a plan to deal with it?

*Sigh* Now, if I ruled the world...

DJ Kirkby said...

That's more than we got today. N3S's school doesn't seem to close because of snow even when schools all round the city are closed. No fair.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

If you think everything grinds to a halt in England you should come over here, it's complete chaos. Every time there is the hint of a snowflake people panic.

Troy said...

Catharine - ....every day would be the first day of Spring?

DJ - I think you've got off lighhtly this time.

Debs - I hope reading this blog and seeing the pictures didn't induce a panic attack!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, Troy. The Farmer and I were saying how typical it is, once again, that the country grinds to a halt because of snow. Yet when you look at the UK on the globe, we are quite high up and should be expecting such weather in "winter". It's quite laughable really. They're too busy spending money on transport to get to Copenhagen.

CJ xx

Ladybird World Mother said...

Lovely photos, Troy, especially as I know where they are, sort of. Our school stayed open in the 6 inches of snow we had... its all still here and looks gorgeous.
But DISASTER about your paper!!! Hope you got one from somewhere.xx

Troy said...

CJ - we've just driven back from Bournemouth wishing we had a bit more global warming here.

LWM - I asked the lady in the village shop to put one aside for me when they arrived. I got it at lunchtime. Congrats on your school staying open and fulfilling its statutory obligations to educate the children.

cheshire wife said...

I am feeling cheated. We haven't had any snow. So much for our white Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Ahhh so pretty, but my mum tells me the whole country has fallen apart yet again. Oh my, when will the English learn that 6-8 inches is not alot of snow! We got 26 inches in 12 hours on March 30!!

Stay warm

Troy said...

cheshire wife - We've just watched the morning weather forecast and Mrs Troy remarked that this weather is becoming rather tedious now. You are lucky to have avoided it.

Sarah - nice to see you back here. In many places it is only a couple of inches that has created so much chaos. We saw film of the snow in Washington DC ("don't bring a gun to a snowball fight")and friends living in southern NJ tell us their snow is the worse in 100 years (I'd never realised they were that old).

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Troy,

I love the snowy photos (and what's contained in them). Yes..I like the snow but it is a tad embarrassing when the whole country falls apart. (Could that be because the whole country is nearly bankrupt I wonder?)

Many thanks for your Christmas and New Year wishes...likewise I wish the entire Tractor family many good Yuletide farrowings plus acres and acres of harvests in the year to come! Financially and otherwise... Hadriana xx