Thursday, 4 March 2010


Well judging from the lack of comments, that last posting "2 weeks in Basel" (now deleted - but now reinstated, see comments for background) obviously went down like a lead balloon. It was a departure from my norm and obviously not to my readers' tastes.

Blogging is an experimental art - we live and learn.

I'll be back sometime over the next few days with another posting.



I thought I'd share with you an interesting exchange of real e-mails that went between various people who organise fund raising/social events locally. For confidentiality reasons I won't identify the organisation or the real names of the people involved.

A recent event was themed as a ladies "pamper" evening just prior to Valentines Day. The chief organiser, let's call her "Brenda" is pregnant and wasn't well in the week leading up to the event so her husband took over her organising duties. Another helper, let's call him "George" enjoyed working with Brenda's husband and teased her with how much better it had been working with him instead of Brenda.

The event proved to be very successful - both as a community event and financially.

A couple of weeks have since passed and now the organising committee (Brenda, George, Susan, William and Troy) have just exchanged the following e-mails:-

Brenda : "I will have to give my parting goodbyes at this point as I am going to be as lazy as possible from now until the baby comes"

George : "does this mean your husband will be stepping in"

Brenda : "Hmmmmm unfortunately not. You seem to have taken a keen liking to him!"

George : "He's nicer than you!"

Brenda : "So you've said before. I'm sure he'll be afraid, very afraid when I pass on your unswerving compliments....or maybe not?"

George : "Maybe you don't know your husband as well as you think?"

Susan : "Hi everybody, when did we say we would meet again? Can't find my notes at the moment. George, I can arrange for some support if you are thinking of coming out of the closet so to speak."

William : "By my calculations we have four Tuesdays to choose before Easter. I can make the 16th or 30th March..."

Troy : "I can't make the 30th but I'm okay with the 16th after 7.15pm"

George : "I cannot do either as I am in Basel for 2 weeks"

Troy : "Having read the string of previous e-mails, I hope you and Basel have a happy two weeks together. PS - I don't think you needed to have been so graphic about it though!"


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

That's a shame - that you deleted the post, not that you'll be posting another one soon.

I did read it, but was called away by R to have a cup of tea with him before he left for work, so didn't have time to comment.

I thought it was funny by the way.

Troy said...

Debs - maybe I was being over-sensitive, I'm glad you thought it was funny. I normally get 3 or 4 responses pretty quickly so I began to think "Oops, my readers are not sharing my humour on this occasion!".

When I sent my e-mail I actually had tears of laughter running down my face so I cut and pasted it all together for Mrs Troy to read. It made her giggle lots as she read through it so then thought I had a ready made blog posting.

Obviously I would never want to offend any of my readers by using adult humour that could be regarded as tasteless rather than smutty. That is a fine line to tread.

Ladybird World Mother said...

WHAT POSTING?? PUT IT BACK!! Will make up for lack of comment (BECAUSE I DIDN'T READ IT) by leaving a nice long one. As it were.
Suspect I would have liked this post you deleted, as you say it contains some adult humour... am always up for that... oh PLEASE PUT IT BACK.

Joe Stein said...

Sorry Troy, but I'm in the 'missed it' section.
How long was it posted for?
I only get onto the internet at odd points, so if a posting is up and down too quickly, then I'll miss it.

Ladybird World Mother said...

I'm waiting.....

Troy said...

LWM & Joe - gosh! I thought it was like one of those occasions where something is said and then the whole room goes quiet, cringing with embarassment. As LWM ("Comments Tart") will know, there is the excitement of the first comments coming in (or, in this case, seemingly just silence).
But now "by popular request [thanks!!!] I've now posted it again.

PS "still waiting..." Do you think I spend all day sitting at my computer?[Mrs Troy "Yes"]

Ladybird World Mother said...

HOORAY!! This just proves that if you really want something to happen you have to keep on and on about it until it does. Yippee!!
Well worth the wait... had a nice old giggle with this.. especially as it happened in real life, and you, dear Troy, made it happen!! Absolutely right that Mrs Troy giggled her way through it too. Oh, and the post. xxx

DJ Kirkby said...

I missed this post completly and have a promt on my sidebar that tells me when you've posted so I'm not sure how that happened.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

I get really paranoid when people don't comment on my blog. I once even e-mailed a friend to ask her to check the post to make sure it wasn't too offensive.

I'm glad you decided to re-post.

bantambabe said...

Sorry to say I missed the original posting, but glad to have caught up now. It made me smile, so no probs and pleased you decided to reinstate!

Troy said...

LWM - thanks for the follow-up comment (although you might have used upper case for Yippee!).

DJ - I ought to be like you and post regularly and to schedule but I have to wait for inspiration.

Suzanne - Mrs Troy is my quality control. I say to her "just read this blog I've posted". Usually she rolls her eyes and reluctantly agrees to read it. This time was different as she read the e-mail string before I posted it. I did post a comment once on someone's blog and they initially read it the wrong way and deleted it before later realising that they had misinterpreted what I was actually saying.

bantambabe - glad it made you smile. How come your thumbnail photo is no longer showing?

Lane Mathias said...

I'm glad you put it back - very funny!

Quite often I'll read posts in my reader and then comment later when I have more time. Sometimes, 'more time' doesn't arrive though, which is very inconvenient of it:-)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

There's no pattern to posts and comments. We all, I suspect get a bit paranoic when we seem to get few comments. But it follows no sensible pattern. Of any case I for one read many a blog but have no time to comment. Blogging is great fun but only part of life.A bit like football, never mind what Bill shankley said!

Troy said...

Lane - and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ken - yes, perhaps we bloggers sometimes take it all too seriously. You are right, there is often no rhyme or reason to posts or responses.

cheshire wife said...

Perhaps next time you will give us a bit longer to read your post before you delete it.

Troy said...

cheshire wife - I hear what you say. The previous post had received 6 comments within 30 hours, this post received zero in the same time frame. With zero I think it was unique and with me also not sure how it would be received I probably over-reacted. To paraphrase Ken says in a comment above "nobody died".

Anonymous said...

Eat shit and die your mother fcuker !

Troy said...

Anon - I think I'll pass on that dietary advice thank you!

Ladybird World Mother said...

!!! Or at least eat some greens with it. x