Sunday, 27 June 2010


In London you can pick up the Sunday newspapers from about 10pm on a Saturday evening. However with the internet now you can read those same Sunday newspaper articles from about the same time on a Saturday from the comfort of your house out in the sticks. That's what I did yesterday. I logged onto the Daily Mail website and thought it was April Fool's Day. The headline that greeted me was "EU To Ban Selling Eggs By The Dozen". Here's the link - unbelievable - so you can tell that I'm not making this up.

So the EU (or the Evil Empire as I prefer to call it) is now telling shopkeepers and I assume also direct farm sellers that their eggs must now all be weighed and then sold by weight not by numbers. Do you know how much an egg weighs? Well no one in the Troy family did either, in fact Mrs Troy has never mastered non-Imperial weights at all. So I got out my precious metal digital weighing scales, changed Troy ounces (well they have to be named after someone!) to grams and put a medium sized egg on the scales. Ladies and Gentlemen, a medium sized egg weighs 65.4gm.

So how good is your mental arithmetic. Suppose you want to buy six eggs - what would you now ask for? In true Monty Python style your conversation may go...

You : "Good morning, dear shopkeeper, I'd like 392.4gm of eggs please".

Shopkeeper : "Sorry Sir [or Madam], this is a cheese shop".

For those not too adept at mental arithmetic what you have just done above is attempt to buy six eggs from a specialist cheese shop.

You probably think I'm being silly. You wouldn't ask for such an odd amount of weight down to one decimal point now would you? Instead the conversation would probably go something like this...

You : "Is this an egg shop?" [good, you're not getting caught twice]

Shopkeeper : "Yes Sir [or Madam], we sell only the finest eggs. Didn't you notice our Royal Warrant?. We sell eggs to the Prince Of Wales".

You : "Excellent! If they are good enough for Charles and Camilla, they are good enough for me! I'd like half a kilo of eggs please".

Shopkeeper : "No problem Sir [or Madam]...(counts) one, two, three, four, five, six, seven (pauses then mutters under his breath - "err, four hundred and fifty seven point eight grams"), "You did say half a kilo?"

You : "Oh yes please!"

Shopkeeper : (egg cracking sound) "And this (picks up part of shell containing some yolk and some egg white) makes its exactly half a kilo. I'll put the seven whole ones in a bag but you'll need to carry the broken one home carefully".

You : "That's fine, I've still got nearly half an egg back at home from the last time I purchased eggs, so this will just make up the eight eggs I need for my baking".

The European Union has come up plenty of stupid schemes in its time but this surely is one of the most ludicrous. Early this morning we took Troy Junior along to his Sunday morning cricket practice and I asked several of the parents there if they'd seen the article about eggs having to be sold by weight not by number. All, without exception, thought I was pulling their leg.

The English are an apathetic bunch who have let Johnnie European get away with 'murder' since we joined the Common Market. Maybe, just maybe, something as small as an egg could be the catalyst that gets us to wake up to the sheer stupidity as well as the total democratic deficit that is the EU. Perhaps we are 'happy' to borrow money then ship £8billion a year of it across to Brussels to build roads and bridges in Ireland and Greece but maybe (please!) we will finally revolt against the EU over buying eggs by weight and regain our freedom?

UPDATE - Wednesday 30th June. According to the BBC this was a false alarm by The Mail On Sunday although I think there has been some behind the scene pressure as initially an amendment to save the "selling by quantity" had been rejected. See this link


Ladybird World Mother said...

I'M WITH YOU!! What a load of utter bollocks. Utterly refuse to buy my eggs in anything BUT a dozen. SO THERE, EU. (Or Enormously Unhelpful. Or Economically Unsound.)
And I am one of a very very few people who DOES know how much an egg weighs!! Often weigh one of our chickens larger eggs to see how many small bantam eggs is the same, so as to make our chocolate brownies, which may I say so, are rather Pretty Damn Good.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hah, this post did make me laugh! Even though it was a bit scary too....

Troy said...

LWM - I'm thinking of getting some chickens. Want the sort that lay those Faberge eggs but don't know where to get them!

DJ - pleased it made you laugh. Was disappointed that I had only received one comment all week so when your came through today it cheered me up no end. Thanks!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Bit late commenting but you're not forgotten! Soon be ko time and then we'll forget EU stupidy.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!! The EU can bugger off cos I'm still selling my eggs by the dozen or half. What an utterly ridiculous and very typical rule made up by some stupid cretin in a suit who knows absolutely sod all about eggs, farming or indeed life itself.

CJ xx

Troy said...

Ken - much better late than never.

CJ - you'll be up until midnight weighing all the eggs. I totally agree with your sentiments.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Troy...Can I add my comment? Sorry I have been so lame of late...posting comments. Trying. Much. Harder. Now. (And not just imitating a hen laying an egg!)

As always - agree with you and LWM. The world really has gone mad now. I give up! (Or rather I don't..I will be kicking and screaming until the EU boat comes in...)

Suzanne Ross Jones said...
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Suzanne Ross Jones said...

They'll be objecting to my buying chocolates by the dozen in Thorntons, next (as in 'please may I have two dozen vanilla truffles').


Troy said...

Hadriana - always pleased to see you hear and to know we are all on the same wavelength.

Suzanne - I thought you bought your chocs by the kcal and not by number anyway?