Tuesday, 7 September 2010


The school holidays are now over and Troy Junior is back at school. This summer seems to have flown by. Well that's my excuse for not having posted anything since 31st July. I'm wondering how many of my "27 Followers" are sticking by me through this thin posting season? If you do call by, please leave a comment, even if it is just "Hello". It would be nice to know you are still there!

At the start of the school holidays (Summer, Christmas and Easter) I produce a grid on A4 paper with the days across the top and the weeks down the side. Into this grid we then fill in trips away, planned days out and other organised events to ensure Troy Junior is adequately entertained through the holiday period. So much so, that he actually then enjoys his "rest days" when we just laze around at home. At the end of this holiday I asked him if was looking forward to going back to school. He responded "Yes". When asked why he explained succinctly "I need an education". There is no arguing with that, is there?

On the last day of the holiday, Troy Junior and I visited the local Owl Sanctuary. In some ways its a bit misnamed as they have many birds of prey and red squirrels, as well as their rescued owls.I guess it has evolved from its original purpose to become more of an attraction. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time there. The highlight is the flying display.

These birds are very photogenic. Here are a few photos I took during the day.

First an owl which had been raised from a young chick at the sanctuary.

Here's an eagle. They are quite magnificent birds.

And a Red Kite in flight.

This bird actually flew straight over my head several times, missing it by what seemed like inches. However I was too busy ducking and so missed getting what could have been a brilliant photo.

It was also interesting to see the red squirrels. For those that don't know, (let's call you "foreign readers"), the small red squirrel was the native British squirrel but when the larger grey squirrel was introduced into the UK it overran the native species who now only have very few colonies left. At the sanctuary, the red squirrels were in a large caged run but fortunately the cage wire doesn't really show on the pictures I took.

Here's a red squirrel enjoying a snack.

Hopefully I'll be back again with another posting much sooner than last time. Stay tuned!


Trish said...

HELLO! I'm still here!

Very clear photos - excellent.

Apart from the fortnight we had away, my son didn't want to do much in the holidays - can't believe his indolence! I had all these great ideas but as he didn't get up until midday the hours just disappeared. He seemed pretty relaxed though so I shouldn't complain.

Troy said...

Trish - Hi! My son is still only nine and gets up before 7am. I think sometime midway between 7am and midday is the ideal time to get up in the holidays. That's what I aim for!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...


I love those photos. We have a hawk (of some kind) in the next field to us and he's beautiful.

Glad Troy Junior knows he needs an education. Doesn't it make it easier when they're happy to go to school?

Ladybird World Mother said...

Still here, Troy, still here...always like it when I see you have posted...
LOVE that picture of the red squirrel... and obvious comment though it is, aint it RED!!
Cant remember ever going to that Owl Sanctuary... wish we had. Love that type of thing. x

Troy said...

Debs - Hello to you too! I suspect the eagerness to go to school may not last until he's 18....but we can live in hope.

LWM - "aint it RED" - you mean the brown squirrel in the photo? Glad you're still there.

Joe Stein said...

As per instructions (although Trish got there first).
'Hello. I'm still here'.
(only just mind...)

Troy said...

Joe - Hi! What's the news on your next book, weren't you aiming to publish this autumn?

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Still here. Whenever I think of football and Norfolk i think of you. Don't take life too seriously, it has the habit of kicking you in the balls when you least expect it. Soon be Christmas.

Lane Mathias said...

Still here too. It's easy, and probably healthier, to let blogging slip in the summer.

I went to the Owl Sanctuary a couple of years ago. It certainly is a lovely place.

Hope Troy Jr has settled back into his 'education':-)

Troy said...

Ken - same with me, whenever I think of football and Nottingham, I think of you! Can I be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas.

Lane - I've been out and about a lot this summer which is certainly more healthy than being stuck in front of a computer screen. I'd take my netbook onto the beach but I'd probably get sand in it. Troy Junior has had a "Greek Day" today - not the language, just learning about Ancient Greece.

bantambabe said...

Think my first comment may have got lost in the ether, so here goes again. Glad you haven't deserted your loyal followers and were only making sure Troy Junior was kept occupied. I'm not bragging, really, but we see red squirrels daily in our garden here on Merseyside and there's a colony just up the road at Formby Point. Also, would you believe, we have Owls living locally although only once saw one in the garden, but we do get Kestrels and Sparrowhawks more regularly, but not the birds of prey in your photos! Bet you didn't associate that with Merseyside though! Have a look on Google Earth and you'll see Anthony Gormley's "Another Place" on our local beach!

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

I'm still here, too.

Troy Junior sounds like a very sensible young man - you have every right to be proud.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hello, I'm still here of course! Nice photo of the owl and very impressed with TJ's attitude about education :)

Joe Stein said...

Ah, yes, the publishing game! Maybe I should have posted, ‘I’m still here, but my next book isn’t!’
You’re right, Troy, my next one was supposed to be out, but as has been well publicised by various bloggers, the publisher went out of business. Since then I have found myself an agent and I’m on the long haul to possible publication elsewhere. Apparently I shouldn’t have written a third in this series, as they don’t all want to re-publish the first two in this age of economic strife.
But I won’t bore you with the details. If it gets published, I’ll let you know.
Believe me, I’ll let everyone know!

Troy said...

Bantambabe - it must be quite exciting seeing all that wildlife in your neighbourhood, although no doubt some of your neighbours say "calm down, calm down!".

Suzanne - pleased to hear you're still here!

DJ - yes, the owl was a bit of a poser, wasn't he!

Joe - thanks for the update re the book. Will keep an eye out for developments as I enjoyed your first two books.

Anonymous said...

That sanctuary looks perfect, just up the Farmer's street.

Troy Junior has a very promising future ahead!

CJ xx

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hello Troy I'm still here!

I know I am very intermittent with my comments but I am also extremely loyal and even if I don't leave a note...you are definitely in my thoughts!

Love the photos esp. of the red squirrel! Hxx

Troy said...

CJ - I think all three of you would enjoy the Owl Sanctuary.

Hadriana - your loyalty, as well as that of all the other commenters here, is much appreciated.

Catharine Withenay said...

Hi! I'm back, in a sort of post-building crises fashion.

Glad the children are back at school and some sort of routine may return. And glad to dip back into blogging again! Good to read about your exploits - love the photos!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Still here. Liking the jokes. :)