Sunday, 10 April 2011


Oh dear! Blogging mojo seems to have vanished this year. I'm not the only one as several people I follow seem to be suffering in a similar way - not sure why. Over the last few weeks I've been tagged twice which should provide blogging impetus - so watch this space and I will get round to it.

I was out in the garden earlier this morning and took this photo of our tulips

The daffodils seemed to come then go very quickly this year but I prefer the multi-coloured aspect of the tulips - they make a beautiful display with the sun shining through them.

I'm running in our local District Council elections in May. Readers who have been with this blog for a couple of years may remember my rookie campaign in the 2009 County Council elections. I finished a credible second then and hope to go one better this time. Actually finishing second this time would be okay as there are two seats in our election ward. There are eight (8!!!) candidates standing so there is plenty of opposition. Rather belatedly we found a second candidate to stand for the same party as me. That's useful because with each voter having two votes I was concerned that even my supporters could be helping the opposition with their second vote. Of course it is quite possible that this second candidate who is younger, female and more photogenic than Troy, may beat me!

If you'd like to follow my campaign I'm doing a separate blog about it. I'm putting in a link here [link since deleted] but will delete it after a few days. So do save it if you want to follow the progress of my campaign. If you comment there do remember to use my real name there rather than my nom de blog Troy.


Ladybird World Mother said...

Really glad to hear you are going for the District Council elections this year... will go on your link and visit other blog just as soon as this comment is published... those tulips are heavenly. Ours are out here too, and they are stunning. Been mowing madly today and am most grateful to have stopped and to be doing some gentle Blogging! Hooray for a post from you. Too few, Troy, too few. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I need a blog roll shakeup as quite a lot of the older blog friends seem to have tailed off a bit. Perhaps blogging isn't as common these days?

As for voting; shoot me down in flames but I won't be voting this time. I'm sick of the useless government, they're destroying this country and making a mockery out of working class people's rights. It's a disgrace. Our area is Lib Dem, run by Sir Alan Beith, and although he's a nice guy, replies to letters, he does absolutely nothing to help residents in his constituency. I'm not alone in thinking there's no point voting because at the end of the day, even when you do vote they take no notice and do what they want. The cuts have been made too fast and are ruining people's lives, but our powers-that-be in London couldn't give a toss.

Rant over.

I must say re the daffs, they didn't last long last year either.

CJ xx

Trish said...

I have no tulips in my garden, probably because I haven't planted any. I must rectify this as I adore tulips and, for goodness sake, we live in bulb country!

Troy said...

LWM - thanks for calling by after such a long wait.

CJ - some of the cuts may be misplaced but they are still recruiting loads of silly jobs in the various local council. The coalition is a difficult compromise but the alternative - ultimately going down the same route as Ireland, Greece and Portugal - would be much worse.

Trish - I suspect a tulip free oasis where you live is a paradise.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Good luck in the election.

We have some beautiful tulips out at the moment and they make such a difference to the garden.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

A Tory and an Ipswich supporter, you are indeed unblessed. But good luck to you for trying!

Troy said...

Debs - thanks for the good wishes. It is a shame the tulips don't last longer (and the daffs. as well).

Ken - I am indeed blessed to be an ITFC supporting Conservative entirely of my own free will.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Gorgeous photo - no sign of our tulips yet, but we've had a couple of warm days, so maybe they'll turn up soon.


Troy said...

Suzanne - it is easy to forget how the different parts of the UK have different times for their flowers blooming. I guess it starts off down in the Channel Islands and then ripples up the country until it reaches your northern parts.

diney said...

Good luck in the elections. I'm voting no to AV as U truly believe that first past the post is fair and it was a well thought out system for a democracy.