Friday, 19 September 2008


Gordon Brown calculator

I hope you enjoy playing this Gordon Brown Tax Calculator which comes from The Tax Payers' Alliance. I would also recommend their blog - a link to them is shown on right hand side of my blog.

I couldn't get the image above to quite fit my blog. It is too large - a bit like Gordon's public sector!

Although I loathe Gordon Brown intensely I do sincerely hope he is still the leader of the Labour Party at the time of the next General Election.


DJ Kirkby said...

Why? Question applies to all 3 paragraphs...feel free to tell me to piss off back to my own blog :)

Troy said...

Hi DJ thanks for calling by. I've got my serious head on just for today!

Answers to your “why” question.

1. Tax Payers Alliance are doing a great job in identifying significant waste and misspending of public money (yours and mine). Try the calculator – it highlights several serious problems.

2. The private sector - the market of millions of individuals making their personal choices when spending their hard earned wages - better allocates resources than the Government (central and local) can ever achieve. In my view, the public sector should be much smaller – with far fewer bureaucrats but more front line staff. Our local newspaper is full of unnecessary public sector and Quangos’ job adverts every week – yet there is a shortage of midwifes! I weep at how my Council Tax is misspent.

3. Gordon is a liability to the Labour party – all the opinion polls show how badly he is now perceived by the public. He seems temperamentally unsuitable for the role he coveted over those ten long years whilst he brooded in the Treasury, destroying pensions, selling our gold reserves cheaply, introducing tuition fees, botching devolution, paying more to Europe (now £45billion) and creating a welfare and benefit dependence.

But hey, that’s just my opinion – I’m guessing yours differs. We’ll have to wait probably another 18 months before we can all make our personal choice at the ballot box 

DJ Kirkby said...

Phew. I am sorry I asked...I have not much opinion about politics really, I sturggle enough to cope with normal mainstream world, never mind with politics where everyone seems to be hiding, lying or deliberatly omitting things. I avoid talking politics as I could never debate well enough to hold my own but I do vote and have a pretty clear understanding of why I think the party I vote for is the better choice of a bad lot. Oh and I have included the link to the tax calculator blog to my sidebar though that is not to be taken as a inference as to whom I do or do not vote for. I am a registered midwife though so I think a couple of parties could be accuratly guessed as my personal rejects straight away...did any of this comment make sense? hmmmm...suspect not, my AS side is showing today.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the state of the country's finances are something to do with Gordon's bad planning? And why does tax have to be so damn complicated anyway!

CJ xx

Troy said...

Hi Crystal - back from the beach?

The state of our finances are EVERYTHING to do with Gordon's planning. He should have put money aside in the good years ready for the hard times but his hubris was such that he believed that he had abolished "boom and bust". Instead he just abolished "boom".

Tax could be much simpler - I read somewhere that the country would better off with just a simple 15% flat rate tax on all earnings. No fancy avoidance schemes and nobody trapped in the benefit culture.

Carol said...

I personally think that anyone who has a desire to become a politician should automatically be banned from ever being one!!

I do keep an eye on what's going on over in the UK (We never know when we'll be back living there) and I just find it totally depressing!! Politicians seem to be much more interested in lining their own pockets than looking after the people they claim to represent....and I think all the parties are equally as bad!!

I watched a very interesting programme on Megalomaniacs and it was really interesting to see just how many of the associated traits where displayed by our current world leaders!!!

C x

Troy said...

Hi Chris and Carol. Gosh, my readership spans the globe!

At least the Conservatives have historically believed in SMALL government rather than interfering in every aspect of our lives.

There are things that need public intervention but in general I say to all politicians "GET OFF OUR BACKS"

Anonymous said...

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