Friday, 5 September 2008


I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has becoming heartily sick of the extensive BBC coverage of the 2008 US Presidential campaign. This was especially so during the earlier part of the year with the coverage of the race to the Democratic nomination between Clinton and Obama. There seemed to be some frankly obnoxious hero-worshipping by the BBC of the “first black candidate for the White House”. Whoever becomes the leader of the USA is, of course, an important matter for us here in the UK but the contest could have been covered as a regular but minor item on the news rather than taking up the first ten minutes of the programme virtually every evening.

However I must make one exception to that general observation. This week “A STAR IS BORN”. In the space of less than one week I’ve become a top fan of Sarah Palin. I think there is a very good chance in 2012 that she will become the first female President of the USA. Full marks to McCain for plucking this woman seemingly out of obscurity and having the guts and foresight to choose her as his running mate.

The similarities with Margaret Thatcher are many. In her speech on Wednesday, and in her general demeanour, she comes over as warm and genuine. Compared to that bitter old harpy Hillary, Sarah is a breath of fresh air. As with Mrs.T., the left-leaning liberal media are sticking the knife in and deriding Sarah Palin’s small town, provincial background. As with Mrs.T., Sarah is obviously no shrinking violet but rather she is a woman of strong convictions and an articulate, clever fighter for the things she believes in. As with Mrs.T., she will be an intensely partisan figure, loved and hated in equally measure depending on where you stand on the political spectrum. However, like Mrs.T., I think Sarah Palin will connect with “the common voter”. They will regard her as someone like them, someone who understands the everyday ordinary problems that real people face. And understanding them in ways that the average affluent, left-wing, patronising politician just doesn’t.

So “Rock On Sarah”. Now the race to the White House is very open. If her presence on the Republican ticket isn’t enough to get McCain elected in 2008 then I’m convinced she will be odds-on favourite to get there herself in 2012. If I was American, she’d have my vote.


Elaine Denning said...

Do you know, I very rarely watch the news. That's awfully bad, isn't it?

I do get the news on my Google home page, but to tell the truth, I ignore most of it. It's all doom, gloom, wrist slitting stuff.

I will, however, now endeavour, to look up this woman's name and read all about her.

Oooh. I'm a poet.

John Woodman said...

Interesting: I wrote my thought without having read yours. Its a bit different despite staring from similar points of view.

Anonymous said...

Troy... Troy... Troy... A rifle-toting mountainbilly who once again proves just how far a loose cannon can progress in The US is not worthy of your erudite praise. Stay tuned to this one - a great first impression is great,(and many have responded as you have) but it's the lasting impressions that count! As NPR described her - she's like Marge of Fargo via Northern Exposure. And we don't need THAT in the White House! Frankly, I don't want to insult Marge. Stay tuned...