Monday, 1 December 2008


Here’s the third instalment of the “7 Things” meme I’ve been tagged to do. I’ve got to think of 7 things which I can’t do – so here goes:-

1 Sing and play a musical instrument : I can’t do either, I’d like to be able to do both. Of course I can “sing”. Yet not like I’d like to – in tune. I had a few piano lessons when I was a child and learnt to play a few hits of the day - badly. What is frustrating is that I love rock and pop music. I love to sing along in the privacy of my own home or in the car. And at home I can dig out my trusty old folding air guitar, quickly tune it up, and feel like one of the great rock stars. I try to imagine what it must be like, performing in front of thousands of adoring fans. Perhaps a bit like blogging (tongue in cheek!).

2. Go back in time : I’m interested in history. Not just the key dates they teach you at school but rather what it must have been really like in Roman times, Tudor Times, Victorian times. Also, I’ve done quite a lot of work on my family history but what I’d really like to do is have a time machine and go back and see it for real. I’d love to see my parents and grandparents and great-grandparents when they were kids and when they were setting out as adults. What were their dreams, their fears and their attitudes? One of the drivers behind my Book Project (see earlier post if you’re new here) was a desire to leave something of my real life to my future generations. And perhaps now through blogs we can do what few people did in earlier generations – leave a diary of ourselves to the future. Yet I suspect that ink on paper is the only safe way to preserve things.

3. Grow my hair back : If I had just three wishes one of them would definitely be to still have a full head of hair. Mentally I still have. My image of myself is still as a 30 year old with youthful looks and a full head of hair. The mirrors in my house unfortunately are more up to date. Having a full head of hair would get me at least halfway back there.

4. Get in the Christmas spirit : It’s the same every year – this time of year depresses me. So many people getting into the festive mood but neither Mrs Troy nor I ever catch it. I’m just waiting for the Spring, the warmer days, then long sunny evenings, lightweight summer clothes, going out on my boat or for long walks through the fields or along the beach. When I was working and the end of December marked our financial year end and pending audit I used to think that was the reason I didn’t enjoy Christmas – that it was always casting a shadow over it. But since I’ve left work my feelings haven’t changed. Fact is I’m just a summer person.

5. Buy bargain holidays : Since Troy Junior started school we’ve been stuck with taking family holidays during the school holidays. As a School Governor I feel obliged to set a good example and not take my child out of school. Yet the change in holiday prices between term time and school holiday time is sickening. I do like a bargain. We used to book late holidays, take a cruise round the Caribbean and then come home before it was time to pay the credit card bill. Now we need to plan months in advance and we choose to stay in the UK in the summer. Those Caribbean beaches are but a faded memory. When Troy Junior goes to University (2019) we are going on a world cruise. The next eleven years will fly by!

6 Get a job : But wait a minute you are thinking, Troy is happily retired? Well yes I am, but in a perfect world I would still like to work from mid October until Easter. It’s the winter/summer thing again. I registered with an agency and I do look for suitable jobs on the internet. There was one perfect job last year – but they didn’t want me! Suitable, well paid temporary jobs seem few and far between out here in Suffolk – and I suspect the situation will get worse rather than better. Still as I type this, its 12.45, lunchtime, and the morning has flown by. I’m happy, life’s okay, mustn’t grumble.

7. Be bothered thinking of a 7th thing : I’ve already written a lot about myself in the six things above. A psychoanalyst would have a field day. And you are probably bored already (oh, you’re still here, thanks!).

Back next week with “7 things that I find attractive in the opposite sex”. A whole week to do some fieldwork!


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I think I can sing, but apparently I can't and gave up the piano after only a very short time learning it.

It's a nightmare having to try and book holidays for us as a family as R's sons live in Cumbria, so usually have slightly different dates to my two, and they are always so much more expensive.

Kitty said...

Wow! A folding air guitar? That must be worth a fortune. We only have a bog standard one.

And just for the record - women don't care about the hair thing. It's only men who care about the hair thing.

The summer holiday price hoiks are outrageous. There should be a law against it. :-(


DJ Kirkby said...

Number 4...tsk. Feel sorry for you. Chopper is much the same as you though, he is in the in the front room at the moment and keeps sending N3S in to ask me to turn the carols down. They arent loud, he just feels the need to make a point. Spoilsport! :)
Chopper and I are with you on number 2.
Number 3,hair is overrated.
Number 5, we can't be bothered to go away on hols as it is extremely stressful but I do like the idea of an extended cruise as our friends have just come back from one and said it was wonderful.
Number 6, have you thought of working for the Children's University?

Troy said...

Debs - if we are both out of tune we could do a duet.

Kitty - folding air guitars are very convenient. Amazingly having written this today, Troy Junior came back from school with the Guitar Heroes PS2 game he is borrowing. We've had some great fun already with that.

DJ - gosh I would just shout from the front room "turn that ******* racket down!!" How civilised you both are. Pleased to see your's and Kitty's response regarding the hair. I will have to investigate the Childrens' University - I had heard of it but perhaps wrongly had thought it was just some typical NewLabour gimmick.

Unknown said...

Oh I sooo relate to the first one, I have always wanted to be Madonna (as a performer), but as it is I clear rooms instead!

I also share your interest in history and have often wished I could travel back in time to the tudor period especially.

Great list, my next one will be up tomorrow too.

Trixie said...

Gawd this meme gets harder doesn't it? I've just done the second bit and struggled!

I told should look into writing captions for card companies!

Carol said...

Oooohhh I love singing...I can't help myself...I get in the car and off I go (Much to the horror of Chris!!)

I'm in complete agreement with the other commenter's is completely overrated!!

Keep up the good work on your 7 things...I'm really enjoying reading them.

C x

Troy said...

Sarah - if you do manage to travel back to the Tudor period be sure to set the controls for England rather than Okieland!
I'm sure you do a great Madonna.

Trixie - it is not easy but I feel a great sense of relief when I've finished the meme. I'm waiting for the card companies to approach me - perhaps they don't read DJ's blog - maybe when you start your caption competition the offers will begin to roll in.

Carol - thanks for the positive feedback, talking of which, most of my singing sounds like acoustic feedback!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I like history too...but I think my blog's name tends to give that one away....! Good list, Troy. You're giving it a lot more thought than I did...

Troy said...

Hadriana - every time Mrs Troy reads my blog she sighs and says "you need to get a job". It's a shame there isn't a Government Blogging Grant available, but it would probably be means tested if there was!

Tim Atkinson said...

What a great idea, Trot! Perhaps we should suggest it as some sort of unemployment reduction scheme. It beats increasing the school leaving age to 18, that's for sure!

Lane Mathias said...

Suitable, well paid temporary jobs seem few and far between out here in Suffolk

A'int that the truth:-)

Anonymous said...

You're never too old to learn a musical instrument. Have another go at the piano, it's a wonderful sound.

I have a TARDIS in my office. I'll give you a ride in it one day and we'll take tea on the lawn with Queen Victoria, Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth.

You're a very interesting chappie, Mr. Troy.

CJ xx

Troy said...

Dotterel - yes a quango should be formed and I'd be the part-time head on £100k (except it would be given to one of Gordon's cronies).

Lane - sounds like you are speaking from experience, oh dear!

CJ - couldn't you collect me from here in the blink of an eye? I suspect you wouldn't find me as interesting when Queen Vic., Shakespeare and Queen Eliz.I were also with us.