Saturday, 13 December 2008


Having ducked out last week from writing about the “7 things I find attractive in the opposite sex” I’ve found inspiration this week. The reason for this inspiration will become apparent soon – be patient, first here is the list:-

1. Intelligence

2. Sense of Humour

3. Long hair

4. Eyes with a twinkle in them

5. Slim but curvy figure

6. Shapely legs

7. Not too tall

I haven’t put explanations against these attributes as I feel they are all self-explanatory and as well as being predictable.

What inspired me this week was someone in the news that VERY nicely combined all these lovely attributes into one glorious whole.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you………

…the hostess of TV programme “Countdown” for the last 26 years, the gorgeous….


I was hoping to get a photograph of her that also had the 9 letters ILOVETROY on the board - but the odds on that are 26x26x26x26x26x26x26x26x26 or 208,827,060,000 to 1.

I must point out to all my readers that Mrs Troy is also extremely nice and of course caught my eye as a 21 year old with many of these attributes. However, if she has ever had a £1million a year TV contract she has kept it very well hidden. (Oh dear, I just realised that there are in fact EIGHT things I find attractive in a woman - aren't I shallow?).


Trixie said...

Well she doesn't have that contract anymore since she's been sacked!

Unknown said...

OH I knew you could pull this one out of the bag, if you really tried Troy!

Dave said...

I did this one last week. Seems to have scared off all suitable candidates.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I can't believe she was there for 26 years!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I have to agree that Carol Vorderman is excellent. I think it is a shame that she is lost to Countdown. I'm cross with myself that I forgot to record her programme on Friday but hoping to catch up with it via the internet...

I'm amused that you are blogging these then doing a runner!

Troy said...

Trixie - but she must still have loads of money in the bank, and now has the time to spend it!

Sarah - your faith is appreciated.

Dave - it may be because you dress up as a Jedi Knight?

Debs - I think they let her out at weekends.

Hadriana - love your turn of phrase.... as men say "corr, she's ....excellent". The timing of the posting is purely coincidental. Hopefully the last paragraph of my posting will keep Mrs Troy sweet.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Carol Vordeman has left Countdown???? Oh, no. Who has taken her place?? The nuns at the convent I taught at centuries ago all used to sit in their common room with pieces of paper and pencils and do Countdown everyday... used to love peeking through the door... rows of black habits all chewing pencils.
Well, I am thick, humourless, bald, twinkless, fat as the hills, legs like trunks, and a height to scare off a basket ball player.
But I'm rich!!! So that's OK.
(third emoticon...)

Troy said...

LWM - can't help thinking 1 out of 8 ain't so good. But then I know you are being modest.

First time I've ever commented from the Virgin Clubhouse at Heathrow.

Potty days! said...

How pleased I am to also be 'extremely nice'. If we all wore full body corsettes we would all have a figure like hers!. If she farted in that she would explode! So glad to see that you have proved to have met the requirements for being 'sad' by actually posting a comment from the airport!! And who says he is NOT addicted to blogging. I can just picture your withdrawal symptons!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Actually its 0 out of 8. I'm broke too.

DJ Kirkby said...

I thought you would say Nigella Lawson. Mrs Troy... how long do you think it will take Troy to find the nearest internet cafe? In fact there is probably one in his hotel! Blogging is a nice healthy addcition...compared to some of mine!

Potty days! said...

Troy will be having serious withdrawal symptoms by now. I can't believe that he posted a comment from the Virgin (as in airline)lounge!. His blogging is an addiction which unfortunatly I or Troy junior don't share...I am usually busy working or doing the household chores that await me on my return from work!. Even Troy junior is getting tired of his Dad always being on the computer! It is quite a bone of contention in the Troy household.

Anonymous said...

Blimey! And I haven't got a million pounds either.

CJ xx

Carol said...

LOL Troy!!

Chris likes Angelina Jolie...after we visited Cambodia he insisted that we watch Tomb Raider so that he could see the temples we had visited...He wasn't fooling anyone!!!

C x

Troy said...

Well my HK holiday is almost over -I'm now in the Virgin Lounge in HK 5am Monday UK time. I haven't touched a computer since I left Heathrow a week ago! I can cope without the World Wide Web very well.

I used the expression for Mrs Troy of "extremely nice" because I thought "sexy little minx" might have embarrassed her! Sometimes you just can't win. But on public record I'll tell her that I've missed her loads this week.

Thanks also DJ, LWM, Carol and Crystal for your comments left whilst I was away.

steve on the slow train said...

Living in the American Midwest, I've never heard of Carol Vorderman. But her picture brings up an interesting point: My wife, dark-haired and brown-eyed, once remarked that in American movies, the Wife is a brunette and the Other Woman is a blonde. But in Britain, it's the other way around. And the equivalent of Ms. Vorderman here, is Vanna White, a blonde. Is the secret of these letter-tuners that they key into the male fantasies of their respective countries?

Elaine Denning said...

Merry Christmas! x

Troy said...

Steve - welcome! It's an interesting theory you raise.

Elaine - and Christmas Greetings to you too. I've missed seeing your comments recently so thanks for calling by before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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