Tuesday, 3 February 2009


It was towards the end of last week that the early warnings of severe wintry weather first came to my attention. It became rapidly obvious that we could expect blizzard conditions and a whiteout during Monday. I had booked my sports car in for its annual MOT and service on that day so I call by the garage on Saturday to reschedule. "Let's see what happens first" they responsed, "They usually forecast it to be much worse than the reality". So we left it that I would phone them on Monday if I needed to cancel.

Sunday evening we had light snow showers and there was a light covering of snow. By Monday morning a little more snow had arrived and our side roads had a thin compacted layer of snow on them. Several neighbours set off to work but then returned home. We live over the brow of a hill and it is the first few hundred yards that cause the problems. Mrs Troy, despite buying a 4x4 for these very conditions, decided to get the bus to work. I walked Troy Junior to school in about one to two inches of snow.

Looking at the 24 hours local weather summary on the BBC Weather website I could see that heavy snow was being forecast for the Ipswich area from midday to six pm. Accordingly I cancelled the car MOT and service. I may have got the car there but would I be able to collect it and get it home later? Certainly not if the forecast was correct.

Shortly after midday it began to snow lightly but the snowflakes were as small as washing machine powder and as dry. Only a relatively small amount actually settled. Going down to the school after 3pm I noticed the snow was turning to light sleet. After collect Troy Junior we hurried home to build what in my childhood was called a snowman (but now I had better say snowperson). The snow was wet and melting. We built a tall thin snowperson, added a mouth, nose and eyes and then on closer inspection found that we had actually built a snowdog. Here it is, with Troy Junior hiding behind it:

The sleet turned to rain. This morning most of our snow has gone taking our new pet dog with it:

Growing up in Yorkshire between the mid 1950's and mid 1970's I remember what blizzards and severe snowstorms were really like. I remember the snow lasting for days. I remember the buses still running and providing a public service unlike London on Monday.

Perhaps we've just been lucky with the weather here? So now, and purely in the interests of meteorological research, I find myself asking my regular army of female bloggers with their wide geographical base these simple questions :-

Did you get the six to eight inches you were promised on Sunday night? Was it an anticlimax for you? (And please, these are innocent questions so no need to be smutty).


Trixie said...

Oh I got my six to eight inches alright...and I'm not talking about thumper! It snowed big heavy flakes all day.

In actual fact, it's still all on the ground here now, but kids have gone to school. Me on the other hand...I'm still in my PJs. I'm not planning on driving anywhere!

I saw photos from London on facebook that my nephew took yesterday...I've never seen so much snow like that in london in my life!

You just seemed to be in a bad catchment area! (That's normally us!)

Lane Mathias said...

I grew up in a village on a hill and we were regularly snowed in.
Yesterday younger daughter's school shut at lunchtime but it was worse going to pick her up then than it would have been at the ordinary time.

Very impressed with your snow dog.

And isn't it a fine old day here today!

Ladybird World Mother said...

4 inches is enough for me, Troy.
Measured it very carefully with a ruler stuck onto the snow on top of car... waited eagerly for more inches. None came. School closed. Children all at home. Middle son ill.
We made a snow bunny, a snow chicken (particularly proud of that one) and 3 Very Fat Snowmen. (People. Objects.)
We've had more news coverage about this snow than any other news in the last few months. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dint get nowt!

Bits of snow here and there but all gone by tea time. Rain all night and all morning. Now it's a beautiful sunny late afternoon with an orange tinge.

I remember never getting a day off school when I was a nipper. Buses never stopped, neither did shank's pony. The country's gone soft.

CJ xx

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

We had now showers all day yesterday, but not even one inch.

This morning, utter chaos as there was thick ice everywhere and the roads were like skating rinks. Well, this is Jersey, we are hopeless when there is snow/ice. The school buses stopped but the schools themselves stayed open.

Troy said...

Trixie - I've seen what you have written on your blog, you are obviously getting more than fair share.

Lane - yes it has been lovely and sunny here in Suffolk today and more sunshine promised for tomorrow.

LWM - pleased you are satisfied. You had a busy time making all those snow sculptures.

CJ - the forecast had loads of snow last night for Northumberland. Agree with your other comments.

Debs - ahh, the joys of living on a sub-tropical island.

Kitty said...

You can't tell me not to be smutty! That's so unfair!

We had a few inches here, but it wasn't enough to close either of the schools my two attend. They're severely cheesed off.


Unknown said...

LOL!! My mum told me she got "a good 6 inches" in Bucks. It seems they got more around London this time, which I don't ever really remember before!

Love the skinny snowdog!

DJ Kirkby said...

No we didn't get that much snow at all. We did get enough to have a couple of snowball fights though so that was fun.I am stillw aiting to have an excuse to call in snowbound to work though :(

Troy said...

Kitty - what was there to be smutty about I wonder?

Sarah - as you get older it is good to keep active (shovelling snow that is)

DJ - tell them you tripped over a snowball.

Catharine Withenay said...

Report from Newcastle: nice snow Monday morning. Not enough to stop kids going to school, enough to feel able to make snowmen and snowballs. Kids excited by the forecast of more snow overnight. Utter, utter disappointment on Tuesday to discover that it was simply rain, and furthermore had destroyed the glorious Monday snow. Now a beautiful, bright, sunshiny day. But is it safe for me to drive to Manchester tomorrow?

Troy said...

Catharine - Great report. Not sure about Manchester tomorrow, I once did a 540 dregree spin in snow on the M62 - scary!
You left the 100th comment since 1/1/09, sorry there is no prize though.

Potty days! said...

I've just spoken on the phone to my friend in Hertfordshire and she told me that she had eight inches last night!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Am preparing some public speaking material entitled 'Is the whole world going mad or is it me.' How very apt. (Any ideas welcome!)

Troy said...

Mrs Troy - that's a stiff one to beat

Ken - it is tricky having never met you. Perhaps a combination of the two would be a useful compromise?

Ladybird World Mother said...

I am told by a reliable source that I will get a few inches tonight. They wouldn't be more specific. Lucky Mrs Troy's friend to know the exact measurement.

HelenMWalters said...

Ho Ho Ho! Love your snowperson by the way.

Troy said...

LWM - some people up North have had a eye-watering amount haven't they?

Helen - it's a dog, rather it was a dog, M.I.P. (melt in peace)