Tuesday, 3 March 2009

SPACE ROCKS! (plus a rude joke)

I've always been interested in astronomy. Outer space fascinates me. So you would understand why I would say "Space Rocks!". However what I want to tell you about today is a near miss from a space rock. At a quarter to two on Monday afternoon (GMT) an asteroid the size of a ten storey building narrowly missed the earth. When I say narrowly, it was 44,000 miles away, but in space terms that is absolutely nothing.

This rock is apparently the same size as an meteorite that hit Siberia in 1908 creating a giant crater and flattened trees over a 800 square mile area. It hit with the force of 1,000 atomic bombs. So if Monday afternoon's object had hit the earth, especially a densely populated area, the consequences don't bear thinking about. Even if it had hit water (and over 60% of the earth's surface is water) then I suspect the tsunami created would have dwarfed the Indian Ocean tsunami of a few years ago.

Apparently this near miss object was only first discovered on Saturday. This is rather worrying as that seems remarkably short amount of time to track it and to deal with it (not sure how though) if it had been on collision course.

After that sobering bit of news I think you all deserve a joke. It's a rude joke so if you don't like rude jokes look away now. Okay you were warned, and I suspect everyone is still here, so here's the joke........

A couple are at their financial wits end due to the credit crisis. "There is only one thing for it" said the husband "You'll have to take up the world's oldest profession".
"What shall I do?" asks the wife.
"Dress appropriately then stand on the corner by the pub,I'll pop in for a drink and I'll be there should you need me. Charge £100 for sex" explains the husband.

She gets changed and then they put the plan into action. Very soon a guy in a car pulls up to the kerb and asks her how much. She tells him £100 but unfortunately he only has £30. She asks him to wait a minute and she rushes to her husband in the pub for advice. "Charge him £30 but just give him 'manual relief' for that money" he instructs her. She goes back and agrees to get into the car with her punter. He then unzips his trousers and what he gets out is huge. Not only is it huge but its also perfectly formed and the nicest one she has ever seen.

She gawps in awe then says "Just wait a minute!" She runs back into the pub and says to her husband "Can you lend this guy £70?"

Well, I hope my lady readers enjoyed that joke. Mrs Troy has started blogging again and has composed a short, poignant and ultimately tragic story. You can read it here although the link will only work after you've left me a comment.


Potty days! said...

OMG! and I was worried about the weight of the leaves in our gutters!..but now I have to worry about a rock 44,000 miles away!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Phew, I didn't know monday had been that exciting!

Kitty said...

I think the satellites or whatever is supposed to be watching space for us, needs to go to Specsavers!

The joke made me laugh ... but then you knew it would, didn't you? x

Unknown said...

LOL at the joke!

As you say that distance was nothing in space terms and very worrying that nobody knew before! I haven't heard a whisper in the press over here either, but then no surprise there!

Lane Mathias said...

I had no idea either. Hadn't heard a thing. Mind you, if 'they' knew one was on a direct course, I think I'd prefer not to know!

And good joke:-)

Anonymous said...

I thought I felt a draught on Monday. It was like something brushed by me....

I didn't look away - I liked the joke!

HelenMWalters said...

You'd think they'd at least let us know so we could duck!

Ladybird World Mother said...

A miss is as good as a mile... as ...who? used to say. And LOVED the joke.
Our trampoline has just landed in our green house...causing Severe Damage... due to wind outside (as opposed to inside). Imagine a rock. So, things could be worse...

Troy said...

Mrs Troy - worry not, the rock has passed.

Debs - no, really it was a joke and NOT about me and Mrs Troy....oh, you mean the rock.

Kitty - I agree that we need better look-outs. And well I did hope you'd like the joke.

Sarah - yes it was close and as you'll read in the comments, Dave even felt the draught.

Lane - when one is going to hit us I won't blog about it until afterwards.

Dave - you are possibly the highest thing in Norfolk. Next time duck.

Helen - I've passed on your advise to Dave above.

LWM - Wind or asteroid turbulence I wonder? The latter would liven up your insurance claim (but don't mention any little green men).

Glad you all enjoyed the joke, I may make it a regular feature

DJ Kirkby said...

Very scary about the near miss. The joke was....a bit funny. Now I am going to see what Mrs Troy has to say.

Tim Atkinson said...

Well, it as good as parted my hair here in sunny south Lincs. What? Oh, that was LBM's trampoline.

Troy said...

Dave - oops! I mistook you for another Dave who comments here. Nice to meet you!

DJ - was it the last bit?

Dotterrel - think yourself lucky you have hair to part!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I didn't hear about the asteroid here in Virginia, but we were without electricity for a couple of days and didn't hear any news.
Maybe we can blame our snow on the cooling effect fron the wind caused by the rock.
Love your joke!

Trixie said...

Nah we would have been safe...Bruce Willis would have saved us all.

Troy said...

S.V.B. - how nice of you to call by. I see that you have certainly had plenty of snow over there. Glad you liked the joke.

Trixie - isn't Bruce Willis getting a bit old to save the world? And anyway, do you even have his phone number?

Anonymous said...

You are very funny, for a Tory!!

It is a concerning fact about the meteorite and I doubt anything would have been done about anyway as our government as hell bent on giving our money away to causes unassociated with us.

CJ xx

cheshire wife said...

I suppose that Monday is a good a day as any for a rock to hit the earth.

Troy said...

CJ - actually it borrows money on our behalf and then gives it away. Depressing isn't it.

Cheshire Wife - maybe there was a voice from Heaven saying "Missed again!"